What are brides in 2018 looking for?
Here we are in 2018 – about to begin the next round of buying trips – are you asking yourself, ‘what are 2018, indeed 2019, brides looking for’? Your buying budget is extremely precious, get it wrong now and you could be paying the price later in the year, perhaps even the following year. However, get it right and the brides flowing through your door will be spoilt for choice, positively eager to place their dream wedding dress orders with you.

At Inside Bridal we have over 22 years experience working with some of the worlds most successful bridal brands and the countries most flourishing bridal stores. Our sole purpose is to work together with bridal stores ensuring they follow their own recipe for success. Dressing brides in their dreams is a goal for both brand and the store. Achieving this outcome becomes much easier with a dedicated and enthusiastic team on your side. We are passionate about passing on the latest news and insights into our wonderful industry. For instance, did you know *Christmas and New Year is when over 70% of UK couples get engaged? Our aim is to regularly bring you relevant and helpful information to assist with your own store planning and promotional requirements.

Lead by trend or price?
Trends in fashion come and go very quickly compared to bridal trends. Brides are wanting a classic, even vintage look, that won’t date before the wedding album has arrived! However, you must be seen to be ‘on-trend’ or the flow of new brides though your door may dwindle. Your website and social media presence is of huge importance now. Thirteen years ago, when many of todays brides were just 16 or 17, Facebook launched. 7 years ago, Pinterest launched. Todays brides have many years experience using these social platforms, unfortunately some bridal store owners are still playing catchup. Being able to show in real time that you are up to date and on trend is extremely valuable. Brides will naturally see your store as one of their must visit places. At Inside Bridal we provide our stores with constant, relevant, and enticing information that you can easily share though your own social media platforms. Despite the all consuming aspirational imagery, and love of all things wedding, the majority of brides will be conscious of their spending. So what’s the answer? A well thought out combination of classic designs seamlessly assembled with the latest that bridal fashion has to offer. However, is the ultimate winning combination a classic dress or fashion forward design that you can customise to your brides specific desires? Offering a unique take on a dress already in your store and at a price your bride is willing to spend! The dress brands we represent offer you and your brides such a service, plus with the benefit of already presenting the most comprehensive and diverse collection of styles and price points in the world today.

You’re the expert, aren’t you?
After attending a bridal industry presentation with the world famous Randy Fenoli, a few interesting points have stuck with me. The first was his quote from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. We must remember, brides are experiencing the happiest and occasionally the most stressful time in their lives. Our united role must be to simultaneously listen and educate them on all things bridal related, many will not have stepped foot into a bridal store until now. On occasion, after a troubled day and 10 years service, we may forget some of our original passion and enthusiasm for wedding dresses, be sure this is not the first impression a visiting bride will endure on her first encounter in your store.You never get a second chance to make a first impression! You are the expert in your field, let your brides know this. All too often we take for granted our technical information of why a dress is or isn’t right for your bride, be sure to educate your brides with your statements and reasons so that she understands your valuable expertise. The cut of a dress and fabric used is second nature to you but not your customers. Take the time to explain the benefits of certain dresses especially if your bride is looking for something specific. The importance of a high quality dress on the most important day of a girls life cannot be underestimated. When the wedding belles have finished ringing there are only the photographs and videos to remind her. A beautifully well made dress will make your bride feel like a million dollars and that beauty will radiate onto the printed page too! Brides today are looking for a personal yet professional service. Randy is a believer in letting the brides know what to expect before the brides visit you, timings of their appointment, seasonal/promotional offers, what to wear, who to bring, and then to be prepared to fall in love with ‘the one’ all over again! I often find the intense passion and warm joyfulness of a newly engaged bride is pleasantly contagious, reinvigorating my own love of the wedding industry even after 22 years!

Fun fact, did you know Randy Fenoli used to work at Private Label By G/Kenneth Winston?

Great beginnings lead to great successes!

Bringing it altogether. Total styling.
The bridal industry is mainly a visual one. This makes it extremely important to keep a constant flow of new and exciting images flowing through your social media platforms. Bridal is also very aspirational and the real brides section is usually the most popular of any magazine or blog.** By showing various ways a dress or accessory can be worn you are really opening up the appeal to many brides with diverse ideas of style and design. Your brides can really engage with you and trust that you are confident in a range of styles.

With the brands we represent you will have all the designs you need for any type of wedding, beach, church or stately home! Offering dress price points from £599 to £2500 and accessories from just £50 you’ll have something for everyone.

Great results – result from teamwork!
So now you know a little about what Inside Bridal believes in, the brands we represent, plus an overview of what we have to offer. Would you like to benefit from being a part of this new and exciting journey? The exceptional benefits on offer are only available to stockists of the brands we represent. By stocking any of these brands you will have access to great support, regular new and updated style information plus amazing photography and videos to share on your social media. We would love to hear from you!

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* Data taken from December 2016 survey of over 10,000 people, undertaken by http://www.chillisauce.co.uk/news/marriage-proposal/

** Example from Wedding Trend Report 2017, Bride Club Me.