Why Attend Exhibitions.

This could seem like an easy one to answer, ‘to buy dresses of course’ is the obvious choice. However, exhibitions today are so much more than this. Firstly, yes, it is the very best place to view new season stock. Kenneth Winston bring every new dress to the shows. They present them with fashion shows so you can see exactly how the dresses fit and move. Purchasing new stock is one of the most important aspects of your business. Being able to physically see what you are buying beforehand can ensure you are making more of the right choices. Meeting head office staff is another great reason. Kenneth Winston have a great team that are dedicated to serving their customers to the best of their ability. Cementing these important relationships ensure you feel you can contact us for support at any time.

Education is an aspect of exhibitions that has grown steadily over the years. LBFW and Harrogate offer stores the chance to listen and engage with industry peers and experts. They cover many different topics to ensure you maximise success in your own boutique. Ensure you take some time during your visit to explore these learning opportunities. Perhaps you’ll discover a new way to do business or, just by listening to someone else it will spark an idea within yourself.

Social media is a constant source of worry for many stores. Where to post and what to say is an every day creative challenge. When you attend exhibitions you have almost unlimited amount of media content inspiration. Manufacturers you buy from will usually let you video and take pictures with no problems. Sharing images and videos of yourself at the exhibitions demonstrates that you are at the forefront of new season buying. You are bringing the latest trends to your village/town and your potential customers. Pictures of models and videos of dresses twirling on catwalks is seen as normal to us, but to the outside world, it’s very special and captivating at the same time. A world hidden from view to those outside the industry. Take as many pictures and videos as you can and share them throughout the year. You’ll also always have a go to post if you are stuck for new ideas.

Owning a bridal shop can be very isolating. Many stores with a low staff count can feel like they are juggling lots of balls with not much outside help. Running your own business, bridal or not, is a hard job at the best of times. Bridal store owners are likely to be women, some with children and partners too, plus the general demands of home life. Attending exhibitions gives you the chance to do some fantastic networking. Meeting people who are just like you and face the same joys and struggles. It can cue an opportunity to create great relationships where you can share ideas and speak throughout the year to give each other encouragement and support.

The bridal industry is amazing. Full of creative individuals who literally love, love. Think back to when you first started in the bridal world, full of hope and a desire to bring beautiful dresses to brides in your area. Attending LBFW and Harrogate can bring all those feelings back and offer a renewed enthusiasm for the world of weddings!