Define Your Customer Journey.

How often do you reassess your customer journey? As a store owner it can be easy to forget how overwhelming and scary wedding dress shopping can be. From the moment they are engaged and start viewing images online they are bombarded with pictures of super skinny beautiful models. On the high street you can shop anonymously, free to do as you please in the changing room. However in a bridal store, with all the fuss and attention, it is very difficult to hide any body fears. 

Connection is a very important part of your business. From an online view of your social media or website, a phone call, an email, and the all important appointment in store. The bride should feel valued and welcomed at every opportunity. You are there to celebrate with her and help her understand buying a bridal gown is like no other purchase. Wedding gowns are an emotional purchase. When the bride can understand this, you are better able to lead her to make a decision.

Story telling is a great way to help illustrate the pain points all brides go though. Explain to the bride that you get to enjoy the magic of brides finding their dream dress every day. People buy from people, you need to morph into the person she needs to enjoy this life moment. Let her know how other brides came to making their decisions. ‘People like us, do things like this’. A tribal marketing tag line maybe, but still very true today. Even though brides like to think they are unique they also want to know their choices are still perceived as safe/classic.

Does your bride have all the information she needs to make her choice? How much communication is completed prior to her appointment with you? You do not want the bride to feel overwhelmed with information the moment she arrives in your store. Most brides will have a wide range of emotions when they arrive for their appointment. Trying to give them too much information may result in no decisions being made at all. Brain fog will take over and indecision will strike. Gather as much information about your bride, and the wedding, as possible. During the appointment you can discuss the details so the bride knows you understand her. Make her feel like an individual. Any requests you have for number of guests, appointment duration, underwear, special offers etc can all be communicated in advance.

Experience is everything. Brides today are looking more towards experience than ever. They want to align their values with a store that resonates with them. Branding is key. Who is the store owner? What are their values? What do they represent? What messages are you sending out?

Even when a bride doesn’t buy, ensure they tell others about your store by providing the best experience possible. Aim for someone to feel better about themselves when they leave your company. Share positive wording around the store and uplifting stories of connection and love. As a bridal store owner you get a privileged insight into the emotions and desires of brides. Enjoy it!